Dryer Repair

If your dryer is not working as effectively as it should call our professionals at Union City Appliance Repair and we will set up a flexible appointment to service it properly. Our dryer technicians have the right training, knowledge and experience to service any type of residential dryer. There are those that say this unit is not the most important appliance in the home. Although this may be the case; it certainly provides a valuable service that is greatly missed when the unit breaks down. When you need quality dryer repair in Union City, NJ, get in touch with us right away.
When you throw a load of washed clothing into your dryer and push the start button you expect it to begin the drying process. However, there may come a time when it will not start at all, the tumbler will not spin or the tumbler will spin without putting out any heat. These are a few of the possible repairs that are commonly needed from time to time. The dryer repair expert at Appliance Repair Union City carries a variety of belts in the service vehicle and a wide array of heating elements as well. We also stock a variety of power switches as well. Your unit receives the best care from our skilled specialists.

Service with a Great Big Smile

Our experts administer exceptional dryer service with a great big smile every day. We truly love what we do and it shows in the customer service we provide. This is the reason that so many residential customers turn to us for washer and dryer repair service. We operate our business with integrity and sheer passion for our craft.

Whether you need quality repair or dryer installation service; our certified technician will administer it faster and more effectively than anyone else. Do not settle for less. Contact Union City Appliance Repair to receive impeccable dryer repair in Union City, NJ.

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