About Us

It is not easy to choose the right appliance service company in Union City, New Jersey. You want to get service fast. Of course, the job has to be done right. It is nice if the prices are affordable too. You get all of that and more when you call us for help. Let us tell you a few things about us. Our experts are dedicated to customer care. We have the know-how to fix any laundry or kitchen appliance. Our skills are polished. There is not a home appliance we won’t service. At Union City Appliance Repair, we can work on any make or model.About Us

Why Choose Our Company?

There are other companies that service appliances in our community. You could choose one of them. Before you make a rash decision, let us tell you some more about us. Our techs are as honest as the day is long. We are friendly and respectful. You can depend on us to give your service our complete focus. We provide quality home appliance repair. Our rates are affordable too.

What Our Experts Can Do For You

It is important that you know what our experts can do for you. We have the skills to provide excellent washer & dryer service. We provide reliable dryer or washing machine repair service. Is your fridge or freezer giving you trouble? Do not panic. Our pros will respond the same day to fix them fast.

Are you having problems with your ovens, stoves or ranges? No problem. We will come right out and fix the problem. Our techs will also fix your microwaves, garbage disposals, and dishwashers. We offer the most effective appliance repair in town.

The Bottom Line

You could choose another service provider, but why would you? Now that you know about us, make the right decision. Nobody provides appliance care like Appliance Repair Union City.

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